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Ningbo Instrument Valve Factory was founded in 1964 and is one of the domestic enterprises specializing in the research and production of vacuum valves. It is a member of the China Vacuum Equipment Industry Association, a group member unit of the China Vacuum Society, a quality management unit in Ningbo City, and a three-level enterprise (machinery) for safety production standardization.

The company's registered trademark "Torch" is a top brand in the vacuum industry. The main products include ultra-high vacuum plug valves, high vacuum baffle valves, ordinary high vacuum (pressure) ball valves, A-type high vacuum (pressure) ball valves, high vacuum butterfly valves, vacuum inflation valves, vacuum electromagnetic pressure differential valves, vacuum fine adjustment valves, vacuum diaphragm valves, flow monitors, and other multiple types of products, totaling more than 30 series and more than 400 varieties. Manual/pneumatic/electric driving methods are available, with various sizes available. The products are widely used in various fields such as national defense, scientific research, aerospace, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, energy, environmental protection, biomedicine, refrigeration, food, etc.

The enterprise has a production plant of over 20000 square meters, over 30 professional and technical personnel of various types, a complete set of vacuum valve testing and production equipment, and a valve design and processing center. It integrates research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

The company always adheres to the path of "survival through quality, development through quality", using advanced design and manufacturing testing equipment as a means to achieve high standards and reliability throughout the entire process of product design and manufacturing, so that every product can become a high-quality product. All products adopt advanced design methods such as CAD design software. The products undergo more than ten processes such as precision casting, hot forging, welding, heat treatment, precision machining, and assembly. They use fully automatic CNC machine tools, sophisticated welding equipment, and material chemical composition analyzers All types of main production equipment have fully realized CAD digital engineering, becoming a leading enterprise in the industry.

1964 Year

Established in 1964


plant area

30 +

More than 30 families

400 +

More than 400 types and specifications


Independent innovation,professional practice

The registered trademark "Torch" of the company's products is a brand in the vacuum industry. The company has 8 types of products, including vacuum solenoid valves, vacuum butterfly valves, vacuum baffle valves, vacuum ball valves, vacuum plug valves, vacuum diaphragm valves, vacuum regulating valves, and vacuum fine tuning valves, totaling over 30 series and over 400 varieties.

Scientific management and excellence

The enterprise currently has a production plant of over 10000 square meters, over 30 professional and technical personnel of various types, a valve design center and processing center, a complete set of vacuum valve testing equipment, and the ability to research and develop, design, and manufacture various types of vacuum valves. After decades of development, the company has accumulated rich technology and production experience.