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We have passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification and are a member of the China Vacuum Equipment Industry Association, a group member of the China Vacuum Society, a quality management unit in Ningbo City, and a three-level enterprise (machinery) for safety production standardization.


Ningbo Instrument Valve Factory Conducts Outdoor Expansion Training for Employees

On the morning of May 22, 2022, facing the booming sunrise and accompanied by laughter, the one-day outdoor expansion activity of Ningbo Instrument Valve Factory was kicked off at Jiuchengyan Outdoor Expansion Training Base. All participants were divided into three groups, and a team leader and a deputy team leader were recommended and selected from their respective teams. After everyone gathered their ideas, they developed a highly creative team name and resounding slogan: Flame Team, Star Dream Team, and Surpass Team. This slogan is not just a slogan, but will also lead everyone to constantly strive and strive for it in the upcoming expansion training and competition.


Current Status and Development Prospects of Vacuum Valve Standards

The countries with advanced vacuum valve technology in the world mainly include Russia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, etc. From the early 20th century to the present, the varieties and specifications of vacuum valves in these countries have developed rapidly. Major vacuum equipment manufacturers in the world, such as Balzais, Raybold Hylas, Western European Nuclear Center and German Institute of Electronic synchrotron, are all professional manufacturers of vacuum valves and can develop various vacuum valves according to international standards.


The importance of vacuum valves in vacuum systems

In a vacuum system, the vacuum system components used to change the direction of airflow, adjust the size of airflow, cut off or connect to pipelines are called vacuum valves.

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